World-Class Customer Services

We’re focused on providing your business with high-quality services. It’s the only way we know. Our long history in shipping gives us unique insights into your challenges and the tools and know-how to solve them quickly and effectively.

Bunker One provides world-class customer service and support at every interaction, every step of the way. And we control all key stages of the supply chain to offer reliable, hands-on operation with insights and operational information.

Quality in our supply chain, business set-up and in every operation is our passion and drive. We simply have superior quality in everything we do.

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Customer service  24/7

Customer service 24/7

Your challenges drive us forward. Every step of the way. When your vessel calls for bunkers, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whatever it takes to keep you moving, we'll do it. Fast, Friendly, Timely and Safely.

Hanna Andersson

Bunker One controls all key stages of the supply chain to ensure reliable and professional customer service. We guarantee hands on operations combined with many years of local knowledge in the areas we service.

Hanna Andersson
Customer service 365 days a year

Customer service 365 days a year

We are always on our toes to keep you moving, and although we’re happy to have you in our waters, we are even happier to keep you going. That’s why we’re available 365 days a year.