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Ports of South Louisiana - the largest port in the United States

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Lake Charles

New Orleans

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Georgia Kounalakis
Georgia Kounalakis
Managing Director

Ports of South Louisiana - the largest port in the United States

The Port of Lake Charles is an industrial port based in the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana. It is the twelfth-busiest port in the United States and the 83rd-busiest in the world in terms of tonnage. It has a variety of components including City Docks, Bulk Terminals, the Industrial Canal, Sempra Cameron LNG, Industrial Park East, and Westlake Terminal. The major commodity on the river is crude oil, while the major export is bagged food aid for the world. Other commodities include Petroleum coke, Calcined petroleum coke, Limestone, Ceramic Proppants, Anode Butts, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet-Fuel, Caustic Soda, Styrene Monomers, and a variety of other combustibles.
The Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) is Louisiana’s only international container port but also an embarkation port for cruise passengers.


  • MG 30/380 High Sulphur
  • ULSFO Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil 0,1% Sulphur
  • VLSFO 0,5%
  • MGO - DMA 0,1% S.


  • ISO 8217: Fuel Standard for Marine Distillate Fuels
  • ISO 8217: Fuel Standard for Marine Residual Fuels

Delivery Methods

  • IFO by barge
  • MGO by barge and truck
  • ULSFO by barge and truck

Port info

  • Louisiana: Lake Charles and New Orleans (NOLA)

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