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Location: Danish ports

Danish ports

Danish ports

First-class bunker supplier in all Danish Ports

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Bunker One
Oestre Havnegade 16
9000 Aalborg, Denmark

+45 88 81 17 87 - Available 24/7


Bunker One is a team of highly skilled professionals with expert local knowledge in the many areas we operate around the globe. Meet our great team who all work passionately to deliver world class service and are driven to go the extra nautical mile for you.

Leading bunker supplier providing bunkering by truck, ex pipe and by barge

Bunker One is a leading bunker supplier providing bunkering by truck, ex pipe and by barge in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian, Barents and Kara Sea - however not limited to only these areas.

Bunker One not only provides bunkering, but also offers a dedicated team of professional and experienced employees for your service. We deliver first-class quality, flexibility, timing and safe operation – and place a strong emphasis on developing close and long-term business relationships.

Bunkering by truck, ex pipe and by barge
In Denmark, we cover all ports with all grades of bunkers via the highest standard of tank trucks. At the Port of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Skagen (Skaw) and Faroe Island, we also offer ex-pipe solutions.

Our storage facilities at the Port of Aarhus, Port of Copenhagen and the Port of Fuglefjord in the Faroe Islands provide us with an ideal position to service our clients at short notice throughout the Danish ports and in Fuglefjord.

In the Norwegian, Barents and Kara Sea, we perform high sea bunkering with stern-line and a highly skilled and experienced crew. Our permanent offshore setup in the area secures high operating flexibility and a short delivery time to your benefit.

Reliable, flexible and professional

Bunker One has a high level of expertise as a first-class bunker supplier in Danish ports. We supply by truck, ex pipe or barge with the newest and most suitable equipment.

Purchase your bunker supplies directly from a leading bunker supplier in Denmark. Bunker One has a reliable, flexible and professional setup for truck deliveries, and is able to supply up to 700 CBM of product within eight to nine hours.

We deliver bunker supplies ex pipe from the Port of Aarhus, Copenhagen and Skagen (Skaw) with more than 225.000 CBM of total storage capacity. From our storage, we offer fuel oil, gasoil and other distillates. In addition, we supply same products by barge.

Value-added services
Bunker One offers a full service concept for bunkering supply. From a professional analysis of your needs and challenges, we can design and offer services like bunker management, hedging of oil prices, solutions involving financing and credit, sourcing, logistics and daily pricing updates.

Our team of experienced and dedicated employees are ready to provide our customers and business partners with the highest level of quality, service and flexibility.


  • Fuel oil (30-800cst) and RMD-80 (ULSFO)
  • MGO, DMA 0.1% and LNG
  • Jet A-1, Diesel and Heating Oil
  • NATO specifications (F35, F44, F54, F75, F76 and JP5)


  • Storage facilities in Skagen (Skaw), Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark
  • Storage in Fuglefjord in Faroe Islands

Delivery methods

  • Products are delivered by barge, ex pipe and truck


  • Quality according to latest ISO standards

Port info

  • Serving all Danish Ports
  • Skagen (Skaw) – max draft of 8.0 metres and max LOA of 130 metres
  • Aarhus – max draft of 9.5 m (+/- 0.3 metres subject to tide) and no limit on LOA
  • Copenhagen – max draft of 9.9 metres and max LOA of 150 metres


  • With our access to a first-class fleet, counting barges from 750 – 9.000 CBM, we are able to provide you with a strong, reliable and flexible service regarding any bunker requirements you might have

QHSE Management System

  • Bunker One operates based on a QHSE Management System that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 international standards and which are certified by DNV GL. Read more here.

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