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Location: Colombia



The anchor point of two of the most important ocean terminals in Colombia

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Bunker One (Americas)
Blanca Estela 1066
2510000 Concón, Chile

+56 32 2609900 - Available 24/7


Bunker One is a team of highly skilled professionals with expert local knowledge in the many areas we operate around the globe. Meet our great team who all work passionately to deliver world class service and are driven to go the extra nautical mile for you.

Pedro Gomez
Pedro Gomez
General Manager
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez
Bunker Trader
Claudia Cruz
Claudia Cruz
Post Fixing Executive
Gaudis Fuentes Mora
Gaudis Fuentes Mora
Bunker Trader
Julio Guerra Jarufe
Julio Guerra Jarufe
Bunker Trader

Bunker One (Americas) - one of three regional offices in South America

Bunker One (Americas) has placed one of our three regional offices in Colombia, South America, where the ports of Buenaventura and Cartagena are servicing the north east corner of South America.

Bunker One (Americas) will expand our current partnership with Australian Bunker Suppliers in Cartagena. Bunker One (Americas) is handling sourcing, sales, marketing and risk management, while Australian Bunker Suppliers will handle blending, supply operation and storage of the Products.

Cartagena is a major port founded in 1533, located on the Northern Coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region. Cartagena was and still is a key Port for import and export into nearby areas.

Being an important port for the import and export of commodities, a variety of vessels calling Cartagena for cargo operations, such as container, tank and bulk is increasing.

Strategically well positioned

Cartagena is a very important Port for our group, as the port is strategically well positioned in the Caribbean and the South American region with transit into North America. For Bunker One (Americas) it is imperative to be present in such an important area, where many of our main clients call regularly, and therefore we believe that this operation will develop and strengthen our physical presence in Latin America.

Our aim is to offer quality – Quality in all aspects of a bunker supply in all of our Ports.

Our products are available in Cartagena and Buenaventura by Barge.

  • Buenaventura
    The port is a great alternative to Guayaquil, Callao, Mexico or USA.
    Port of Buenaventura is located in Valle del Cauca in Colombia, and moves about 60% of cargo volume of the country.
    Each year more than 1,200 vessels call the Port of Buenaventura exporting commodities such as coffee, sugar, wood, gold, and platinum. Buenaventura receives oil by pipeline from Puerto Berrio, and it is served by the Puerto Berrio-Popayan railroad.

  • Cartagena
    Each year more than 1,600 vessels call the Port of Cartagena - the port further to the north. Cartagena exports commodities such as sugar, tobacco, cosmetics, fertilizer, textiles, and leather goods.


  • IFO500, IFO380, IFO180 (ISO2005 and ISO2010)
  • MGO LS (ISO2010), by truck

Delivery Methods

  • Delivery can be performed:
    Inner anchorage
    Berthed during cargo operations


  • IFO500, IF0380, IFO180 (ISO8217 2005 and 2010 Fuel Standard)
  • MGO Low Sulphur (ISO8217 2010)

Port info

  • Inner anchorage
  • Berthed during cargo operations

Fleet for Buenaventura

  • MATILDA, Capacity 1400mt, Pumping rate 250 mt/hr.
  • BOCAS DEL CARARE, Capacity, 1000mt, pumping rate 250 mt/hr.

Fleet for Cartagena

  • OILTECH 1, Capacity 2500mt, pumping rate 350 mt/hr.
  • MARGOTH P, Capacity 900mt, pumping rate 250 mt/hr.