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Fuelling Simplicity. We know the true DNA of marine fuel. Let's make bunkering easy, straightforward and transparent. Call us.
A trusted trailblazer with pioneering experience

A trusted trailblazer with pioneering experience

Our promise is fuelling simplicity. We're ready to assist you with your questions, challenges and concerns on a local or global level.

Bunker One's Brand Manifesto

Empowering travel and transport at sea is a complicated business. It demands specialist expertise, infinite resources and constant vigilance. With variable price points and multiple communication lines to navigate, bunkering can be a logistical, administrative and contractual nightmare.

It’s only getting more complex. Now, we have to meet cleaner fuel demands and stricter, safer emission regulations. But while greener energy resources are set to usher in a cleaner era for marine bunkering, they also create new operational challenges for us.

Something we take as an opportunity to learn and improve. For more than four decades, we’ve been pioneering ways to turn refuelling challenges into business successes for our clients and for us. That progressive spirit is why we’re now one of the world’s leading bunker suppliers. Today, we sell and supply fuel and lube oil for shipping clients across the world.

We know when it’s time to do things differently. And that the easier, safer and swifter it is for ships to refuel, the sooner clients can get on with their voyage and channel time and resources into the rest of their business. That’s why we’ve launched Bunker One, a global physical fuel supply network offering the most seamless, streamlined bunkering out there. Combining our group’s experience, intelligence, trading acumen and reach with innovation at its most agile and accessible, it makes refuelling simpler than ever before.

Powering this enhanced simplicity? Our people. They go the extra mile and do more for clients so they can do less.

Bunker One. Fuelling Simplicity

Customers at the heart

Customers at the heart

Our purpose is simply to improve a man's ability to journey at sea. Doing that our people are our greatest asset. They go the extra mile and do more for clients so they can do less.


Bunkering experts ready to help your business succeed.


Locations around the world to keep your business moving.


Dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Peter Zachariassen

At Bunker One, we want to make bunkering easy, straightforward and transparent. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver a reliable, timely service that gives your business real value. At your service 24/7/365. Everybody at Bunker One is here for one reason and that reason is you. Welcome aboard.

Peter Zachariassen